Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I LOVE Craigslist...

Let me start off by explaining... We live in a 100+ year home. Apparently, when these homes were built, they didn't feel the need to add closets on the main floor. We also have a huge space, everyone here calls them 'parlors' that is basically useless right inside the front door. It's a good home for the Christmas tree, but for the other 10 months of the year, the dog uses it to watch {I mean bark at} other dogs. Big waste of space.

So, we have no closets on the first floor. This has created mass confusion over the winter in our parlor with 4 sets of coats, hats, scarfs, gloves, boots, etc... {and the dog} you get the picture. We thought that we had the problem solved with a coat tree and a basket for gloves. No. AND, my 9 month old LOVES to eat shoes, and they are too readily accessible to her. My sister-in-law has a giant dresser in her entry way that houses various things for them, and I thought that might solve our problems. So, onto Craigslist I go!!

I know I have raved about it before, but man, I love Craigslist!!! I have never had a bad experience and I honestly feel like I always get a bargain. And what woman doesn't like to get a bargain!?! So, here's my latest find, a Drexel 'La Fleur' Dresser and Nightstand:

A Few scratches & dents, but nothing a little touch up paint won't fix!
And, the nightstand!! Goodbye old ugly end table in the living room!!Here it is re-painted and in it's new home.And finally, our new 'closet'! I didn't repaint this one, too pretty. All Jake's shoes in one drawer, his gloves, hats & scarfs in another. All Zoey's shoes in one drawer, her gloves, hats & scarfs in another. Scott's shoes are in the middle, and we still have 2 more drawers for whatever I want. The coats are still on the coat tree for now...Picked up the mirror for $19.99 at a local discount store, and I LOVE how it turned out!!And I saved the best for last- they only wanted $20 for both the nightstand and the dresser!!!

So, what's your best Craigslist buy?


KhrisW said...

Apparently, I need to check out Craigslist of goodies! Those finds are incredible!

My Crafty Little Page said...

Wow - that's great and you are preaching to the choir. I bought a fabulous wingback chair that is currently online half off of $1200 for $40!
It's my absolute favorite place to shop!
Love your blog! Nancy

kennedy & friends said...

beautiful! we live in a 1924 home....and i love the original hardwood floors. there is something abour older homes....that makes me love much character....and things to fix!