Monday, May 19, 2008

Another One Finished!

Here is another frame I made for 'The Nanny Girl Collection'. I am not going to put these in the Etsy shop yet, I will wait until after the craft show I am doing in June. After that, anything that is left will be listed on there. I have a couple more started, too. Lots of ideas, now I just need some time! Also, I am making some necklace pendants from the inspiration of this fine artist! I will not be selling these online, simply because it was not my original idea. Although I changed the main piece by using fishing lure parts rather than spoons, I am not going to 'copy' her idea then sell it online, I have seen it done and think it is very tasteless. I think it is something that will be small & fun & inexpensive for a local craft show, though. And whatever is left, well- look out family & friends, these might turn into Christmas and birthday gifts!!

Hope you all are having a good day. Back to work...

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