Monday, August 18, 2008

Still Looking...

Like I mentioned before, I am having a bit of a creative lull. I have so many thoughts and ideas and things that I want to do, make, try, mess with, etc... but I have no spare time and no extra energy to do them. It is becoming frustrating because if you are a creative person, you really NEED to have that outlet. I need to get into my craft room and get some stuff made before I explode. Or before I drive my husband nuts with little projects around the house.

I got 'the talk' the other day. The one where I am banned from starting anymore little house projects until his big house projects are done. Ugh. Too bad, cause I still have some big plans for the living room. Maybe next year. Well, speaking of little house projects, here is the finished kitchen!! It turned out so nice, I am so happy with it. Thank you SO, SO much to my Dad for building and Scott for assembling and helping me turn my vision into reality. I love you both more than words.

You know you have your man trained when he comes home from a daily visit {yes, we visit daily} to the Home Depot with this:

That's right!! He found it along side the road, out for the trash & KNEW I would want it. He picked it up & then called to tell me how much more I will love him :)

It stands about 4' tall and has even another part that sits on top that makes it stand a little over 5' tall. It had all the broken pieces and parts in a drawer like someone had every intention to fix it, then ran out of time. It was all mildew-y and dirty and gross, but we wiped it all down and my sis and I polyurethaned it and it will be good as new (soon, as I think this might qualify as one of my little projects). It might get done sooner than expected because our basement is beginning to look like a used furniture store!! I have an old armoire and an old buffet down there, too- all waiting to be restored & updated. But, for now- I want to focus on Halloween & maybe some craft shows.

I started some banners. 'BOO' banners. They still need a bunch of work, but I like them so far. I have a LOT of ideas for some Halloween stuff right now. I just have to find that silly missing muse. OH, where has she gone... maybe to Jake, here's his current project:
He's always making something, that boy. Good for him. I am jealous...

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Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Your kitchen looks amazing!!! Just beautiful!

I can't wait to see what you are cooking up for Halloween!!! I completely know how you feel about trying to find the time and energy to create... I'm in the same boat. So many ideas, so little time!!!