Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Little Things

Finally, I can do a post about something I have been making. Just little things. We have had a busy home over the past few months. I guess summers will be like that now that the kids are a little more, um- active, I will say! I made this for my grandma on my 7th birthday, in 1980. She recently gave it back to me, because she wanted to be sure I had it to keep. For the past 28 years it had been hanging in her bedroom. This is the very first craft she ever taught me to do, was to embroidery. It is so special to me, and her too, and I am happy to have it hanging in my studio. Thank you Grandma!!!

So, I just got the latest catalog of 'Chasing Fireflies' and on page 23 there are the cutest little fairy tale handbags!! They are made of felt & hand embroidered. Naturally- the first thing that came to my mind is 'I can make that!' {Good thing, too- they are slightly out of my budget!} So, here is my attempt. I don't have the roof assembled yet, but I do have it started, and I am pretty pleased so far. We'll see how it looks all done. Here is the front with the un-assembled roof:
Front Door Detail:
One side:

Another side:

The back:

Some details:

This will look cute in Zoey's room. I like how it turned out so far. It's lined and everything! I am sure she will have fun filling it up & toting it around the house. I'll be sure to post final pics next time. I am going to try to finish it up today!

Next thing are these shelves in my dining room. I have decided that I am going to make them less cluttered- SOMEHOW!! So, I have painted all the picture frames the same color as the shelves and I antiqued them with some glaze. Then attached them all to the wall rather than on the shelves. I am going to put a minimal amount of decor on the shelves, all in one shade. Hopefully this will make them look more organized and less cluttered, we will see.
So now I need more aqua/teal/blue vases and 'stuff'. So, I made this little flower in a vase I had floating around. Turned out cute, I think. I might make some more to add to it if I have some time. It was pretty easy and only took about 15 minutes to make.

Lastly- My little man headed off to pre-school today! There were no tears, for me, anyway. My husband just called to see if his school wanted me to pick him up yet. Apparently there were tears for him. Hopefully he will still want to go on Thursday!

Have a great Tuesday!! ~Lisa

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