Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Little Halloween Goodness

I have mentioned before that I host a craft group at my home every month. I had fun decorating the studio up a bit for our project, here is a little witch that got into too much candy corn! I like how she turned out; the feet are made from polymer clay and dowel rod legs with glittery green buckles.

I made these yummy truffles, too- they are {were, they are gone now} SO good! Thanks to Martha for that recipe! {I was going to link to the recipe, but the Martha Stewart website won't load today}

I haven't had much time to finish up all the Halloween projects I started and now it's almost too late! I have 2 more glass spiders started and a couple SPOOKY pendants along with a couple banners. Each project is almost done. Hopefully I can get them online by this weekend and if they don't sell, I will just save them for next year!!

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Paper-Mache Pumpkins from our Craft Group!

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Pockets of Inspiration said...

I love Halloween and absolutely ADORE the little witchie pot you made. What a clever girl you are. Always an inpsiration!