Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Mess? Or a Creative Process...?

Well, my year anniversay of blogging came and went! I am proud that (other than the past few months) I have faithfully kept up this little online journal. I had every intention on doing a give-a-way at the one year mark, but first of all, I forgot. And, secondly- I just don't have anything to give away!! I will get around to it soon, though- I promise. Cute handwarmers, huh? They keep my hands toasty warm & were SO easy to make!

Here's a project I did last week, this pretty soldered bottle. I have seen them all over, but I honestly just cannot bring myself to spend $50-$60 on something that I can make if I just tried. Sometimes it's nice to splurge and buy it, but not this time. It will go on a shelf in Zoey's room. The digi artwork if from here.

Also, I am trying to talk myself into doing a HUGE show this fall. It would be the largest one I have ever done {YIKES!}. A three day festival on the beach....ahhhh...sounds fun! Since it's a juried show, I am starting to get my things in order to apply. I hope I get accepted, if not I guess I will have new stock for that empty Etsy shop...finally! I am going to concentrate on all my beach-y things, since I love them and they have always sold well. Lots of mermaids, dolphins, sea horses and some new things, too!

So, onto my mess....I mean, my creative process....I'll keep you posted!
Have a great weekend, Lisa


Createur Designs said...

So excited to see the star fish and palm trees :)

Andrea Singarella said...

um, I love that hand warmer! Very cute!!