Monday, March 9, 2009

I Love Air Mail...

I received this package in the mail the other day. I about peed my pants at this mailing label. So. Cute.

I barely could wait to grab my camera and take pictures before I tore it all open! Juliet {Little Miss Crafty} and I did a swap that I was already supposed to have in the mail, but I am running behind. I'll get it finished up and in the mail very soon. The premise is to fill a 5x3 box with whatever we wanted and to decorate the box, too.

How adorable are these tiny little creations?! She is an amazing artist and such a sweet blog friend.

Her stuff is amazing, right?? Check out her Etsy shop, filled with colorful fun things!! Thank you so much, Juliet, I love everything!!

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Little Miss Crafty said...

I am so glad you love it, it was fun to make, and i think you have made it look better the way you have photographed it ! thanks for the birthday wishes and your words about the swap are lovely :)