Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What I've Been Making...

I am still here!! I have been busy (kind of) since I last blogged.
Here's just some of the things I have made since I last logged on...

An Ariel dress for Zoey.  I used a pattern (Simplicity #4253) for the top and I made up the bottom from some examples I found doing an Etsy search. 

She loves the big pink flower & I added ties because I made the 4T size (she's in a 3T right now) and it fits better with ties.  Now she can wear it next year, too!

This pattern looked pretty simple when I found it online, but it didn't quite work out like it was supposed to.  The liner ended up being bigger than the outer part which made a pulling effect in the center (totally my fault, I messed up the outer part).  Still cute, since the fabric is so darn adorable!  You can try your own since there is a free pattern HERE (My Spare Time).

This is a little Plush Tree that I made for Zoey after I made the stockings.  I was on quite an embroidery kick during the last month of pregnancy!  I bought this tutorial HERE (Posh Makes).  More embroidery stuff is on the way, too- I just love it!!

Most importantly, I made this!!

Piper Emily was born 1/15/2010
She is an amazing little girl that we all love SO much!!

I re-covered the old car-seat that Jake and Zoey both used.  No pattern, I just cut the old one apart and traced it for the pattern, hoping like heck I would figure out how to put it all back together before she was born! 

Piper was baptized this past Sunday, my father who is a Deacon preformed the ceremony and my whole family came.  This is the dress I made for her.  The pattern I  agonized over used is Simplicity #4557.  I really stressed myself out about this dress, but it turned out nice.  Not perfect, but nice.  Special thanks to Beth for letting me used her Bernina embroidery machine to add the 'P' and flowers to the top, it really made the dress!  Thanks again, Beth and to my awesome friend Reena for also helping me out with this one!

Here is Piper's room, this corner is still not finished.  I have some small detail painting left to do on a couple flowers, but it is probably (hopefully) only visible to me!  Inspiration was from some fabric I bought at Joann's a few years ago.  I intended to use it for Zoey's bedroom when she was born but changed my mind.  I still had it and still liked it, so I used it to make Piper's bumper and a pillow for her crib.  I have enough left over to make her a fabric banner like the other kids have with her name on it, too!

Since Zoey had to give up the crib for a big girl bed, I am making her a mermaid quilt.  I haven't started it yet, but I have sketches, ideas and fabric set aside. 

Before this room was the spare bedroom and it was painted light blue and had a big tree painted on the corner, but I love the look of the beadboard wallpaper and trim.  Still lots to work on in here, but it's a start!

Well, I am off for now.  Jake hasn't had school since Feb. 3rd and is going a little stir crazy!  Zoey has Fifth's Disease, 2 weeks after Jake and Scott both came down with it.  Piper has had a cold since last Wednesday and I am the only one who hasn't been sick yet, but man- I am tired :)

Next up is something I am planning on making with the charm packs I got from Natalie at Piece N Quilt.  I won a $20 gift certificate from her over the holidays & bought these from her shop.

Have a great Tuesday!!  Lisa


Anonymous said...

"The Schepens" LOVE Piper!

Andrea Singarella said...

Oh my gosh, how do you do it all Lis??? Everything is adorable....most of all miss Piper of course!

Army Wife Quilter said...

love the car seat recover. I need to do this my husband put the car seat in the garage not the basement. we had mice in garage. need I say more. I am so mad.