Thursday, April 1, 2010

Studio Update & Other Randomness...

The living room doesn't look any different with all my stuff...except for the gate to keep the kids out!

Over in the craft room, things are starting to take shape.  I have a ceiling, and it should be ready to wallpaper soon, at least by next weekend.  Yes, I said wallpaper.  I am a fan of wallpapered ceilings :)  Here's a few examples of wallpaper in our home! 

Kitchen Backsplash

Bathroom Ceiling

Bathroom Ceiling

I managed to start on some journal covers for a craft show in June that I am doing.  I am going to hand embroider on them, too. 

I did not get the girls easter dresses made, so unless by some crazy miracle that happens today, I'll have to find something for them in their closets :)  If I can get back into the back of the room and get my serger and other sewing machine out, I would have a better shot at getting those dresses made...but probably not...

Loving these vintage sheets!  I love the Goodwill for finding new fabric :)

and lastly, just cause she's cute...

Have a Happy Easter weekend!!

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