Monday, October 18, 2010

Since June...

Oh my has been so long.  What a blog slacker I have been.  My apologies.  Anyway, I have a short amount of nap time to get this post in, so it will be mostly pictures!  These are some of the projects I have made since my last post.

Freezer Paper Stenciling:
Darth Vader for Jake

Spongebob for Zoey

Butterfly Headband
(on my new embroidery machine!)

Hat from an old tee shirt

Silk Screen project that I will be working on until I am 40...

Donna Downey Inspiration Wednesday challenge

Ongoing fabric organization

Wedding embroidery

Birdie close-up

Cupcake gift card holder for the same wedding.  The top comes off and holds a gift card!  I put mine on a wooden disk and then glued a glass candlestick to the bottom so it looked like it was on a mini cake stand.
(found the tutorial on You Tube, by Fabulously Artsy
(more inspiration and step by step instructions at the My Paper Art blog)

My dress before and after. 
There was a run in the V-neck part of the dress so I had not worn it for years, so I made some quick flowers to cover it up.

Zoey's bedroom, I made her bed skirt tutu and the tree recently.

Tutu bed skirt. 
I looked up a bunch of tutorial for how to do this, but I decided they were all too time consuming and I did it my own way.  It turned out exactly how I wanted and was WAY easier than all the tutorials I found.

Tree filled with birds and fairies.  I had envisioned using a real tree brach draped with beads and feathers and butterflies and birds and fairies.  They had one at a Levin Furniture store as a display once and I loved it instantly.  I will do it when I find the perfect branch.  I am always looking out for one ;) 

Here's the pictures I took of the room display when I was at Levin of what I really want to make...someday

OMG...I love that so much. 

Stocking cap with organza flower
(tutorial for flower found at Calamity Kim's)

Mermaiden Doll
(tutorial for doll from Wee Wonderfuls)

Close up of Mermaiden

Dora the Explorer Embroidery for a pillow

Dora close up

Front of a journal/crayon holder

Inside of journal/crayon holder

Pea Pod Necklace
(so, so cute!)

Flower wrist cuff

Mermaid doll.
My own pattern!!!


My Mermaid and her Jellyfish

Well, that is about all I have right now.  There are still some projects that I haven't gotten to photograph, eventually I will.  Most of my time since my last post has been spent at soccer games, at dance class, wiping boogers, wiping butts, cleaning up spit up, watching my 9 month old stand and cruise all over, sending my oldest off to kindergarten and my middle one to pre-school, trying to keep our house clean, keeping up on laundry, visiting with family, organizing my 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Show (SO excited about that!!) and loving on my kids as much as I can, cause MAN are they growing up fast...

til next time, have a great day!


Sophie said...

WoW! I like your blog!!!! It gives me inspirations!!!

Jessalyn Pugh Photography said...

I am curious as to how you made your tutu bed skirt! I know you said you followed tutorials & found an easier way, could you post a how-to?! :) said...

Any chance you'd do a mermaid tutorial or share your pattern? :) My daughter wants a mermaid doll so badly and your design is the nicest I have seen. :)