Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let's Get Caught Up!

Well, let's see....we last left off at February.  WHAT a slacker I have been.  Well, not really, I have actually been pretty super busy.  Here's a brief look at what's been going on since then.  Maybe not a lot of crafting, but definitely a lot.  Some travelling, some camping and lots of playing.

In February I did start back to work {very} part-time.  I went back to be a Design Assistant at my old job at Drew Designs, Ltd.  It's an Interior Design office and I really enjoy getting out of the house a couple hours here and there and getting back into the design scene.  Once the kids are back at school I will have more of a consistent schedule, so for now I just squeeze in work when I can.

Otherwise, I honestly can't remember what happened in March, April or half of May, we will start with the end of May.  We travelled to Maryland to visit family for Memorial Day.  Beautiful weather and lots of fun!  I love that Zoey is giving herself bunny ears the front.

This little one is into EVERYTHING.  Just give her 2 minutes and she will find something to get into.  This picture was just cute, so I added it.

In June I helped Renee with 15 dozen cupcakes to sell at our annual Bryant Street Festival.  They looked amazing and when the day was done, she sold all but about 1 dozen {melted} cupcakes!  It was a HOT day.  Check it out HERE on her blog, Createur Designs!

We also had Zoey's big dance recital.  She has been taking classes all year doing ballet and tap.  She did a tap routine to "The Green Grass Grows All Around".  Super cute and they all had fun.

After the recital we headed off to Virginia Beach to visit with more family.  The kids didn't really remember being at the beach before and they really loved it!  We had fantastic weather and other than a REALLY long ride home, it was a great vacation!

I bet she's getting ready to put a handful of sand in her mouth... or else she found a bug. 
Apparently, both taste yummy :)

Then, we had a lovely visit with my best friend and my momma and look all the little ones to the Children's Museum.  Fun day :)

Then, this little lady turned 4 years old.  She wanted a "Pajama Tea Party".  This was the best little 4 year old party ever!!  My mom & sister and niece came to help out with the party, and thank goodness.  I would not have been able to do it all without their help!

The table all set under the tent.

Paper Lanterns hung around the yard.

Everything was pink & purple.  And little.

Tea hats for the girls to pick and keep.

Party favors to take home.

Cardboard purses {idea from here} to paint and decorate.  Super special thanks to my mom and Renee for assembling those for me.  You guys rock!

Mini cotton candy cupcakes.

Super-duper special helpers, Renee and Nicole. 

The girls eating.  We had chicken nuggets, mac-n-cheese in little nut cups and PB&J sandwiches cut in quarters. 

Decorating purses.

Having tons of fun!

In her thank you cards, we added "Tea Time Trading Cards" which looked like baseball cards and had a picture of each girl at the party.  They were so fun for me to make and Zoey {and her friends} have fun cards to play with.  She really loved everything about her party!

July 4th brought some bike decorating and a parade around the neighborhood fountain for all the HP kids. 

No fireworks this year, they are too late for the kids. {and the parents}

Insert a LegoFest, a couple camping trips, some summer camps {dancing princess, gaga for gaudi and summer dreamers academy} and a VERY busy 18mo. old, and that's what we have been up to since February!

On the crafty side, I have been working on a blanket for a new baby on the block!  Baby Asha was born a couple days before Zoey's birthday to my sweet, sweet {tired} friend!  We love that family so much and I wish I wasn't such a slacker getting that blanket made.  I am going to try to finish it up this weekend, but here is a sneak peek {Reena, divert your eyes!}

It was a mixture of this and this.  I loved them both and couldn't decide which one i wanted to make.  I will say that after all three sides of the bunched up frame were done, I ran out of fabric and had to tear it all apart (thanks, mom) and do it over in different fabric.  Too bad I bought a discontinued fabric the first time.  I bet I called every Joann store in the Pittsburgh AND Akron/Canton area to find more of that fabric and no one had any.  Oh well... it's almost done with new fabric!  I am going to {try} to quilt it like the inspiration blanket.  Try.

Also, made these really easy dresses for the girls. 

I kind of went by a picture of The Reverse Knot Dress but Kissing Kumquats but made it up as i went along. I definitely used their technique for the straps but made my own pattern for the top and a skirt is well...just a skirt. Anyone can make one of those!  I used ribbon for the straps and added a cute pocket.  Seriously, the dress cost me about $1.00 to make.  I bought 1/8 yard of the leopard print and my grandma gave me the wrinkly tan print, I have about 3 yards of it.  Here's Piper's.

She's napping or else I would have put it on to take pictures.  When I was sewing it, my serger went a little nuts and cut the trim, so to hide it I embroidered this little birdie in a nest and put it over the tear. 

Around the house, we have been doing a little work on the 3rd floor.  We made an art desk in my room for the kids to keep all their arts & crafts supplies.  We painted over the mural I painted a few years ago and put up a shelf for the kids books and computer games.

We also worked on the bathroom a little bit, but still not done.

And this weekend's big project is moving ALL the toys from the downstairs to the closet on the 3rd floor.  We took out all the random things that were in there and added bead board and textured wallpaper and then painted the whole thing.  We are adding some TROFAST storage from Ikea and hopefully finishing up today.  I have big plans of making the closet look like a toy store, but that part will not get done today, I am sure.

That's about all I can remember for now.  I am sure there are small things here and there that I forgot about!

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