Saturday, September 3, 2011

Harry Potter Birthday Party

The Harry Potter birthday party was a big success!  We started out with the boys running through Platform 9 3/4.  The Sorcerors Stone was playing inside until everyone got there.

After everyone arrived, they sat in a circle and each picked a cape out of a bag to determine which house they were going to be in.  We decided on only 2 houses, Gryffindor and Slytherin so that when we played Quidditch, those would be the teams.

Then we went outside to make magic wands.  They each got a wand to decorate and an Ollivander's box to keep it in.

We had a little potions class, that quite honestly didn't go THAT great...

Everyone enjoyed some pizza, chocolate cake, Butterbeer cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott's jelly beans, popping balloons and turning each other into lizards with their magic wands!

At the end of our party was the big Quidditch match.  We had hoops set up in the front and Uncle Kevin hid the Golden Snitch really well.  Each of the boys got a Nimbus 2000 to 'fly' on for the match.  I think they all enjoyed themselves, they looked like they were having a great time!

After about 20 minutes of playing, Jake was the one that found the Golden Snitch.  Gryffindor wins!

Thank you to everyone {Mom, Brianna, Renee, Kevin, Reena, Ann, DaniJo & Scott} who helped me make such a fun party for Jake.  He loved every minute of it and we couldn't have pulled it off without you! 

Click HERE for a link to see all of the pictures from the party!!
Happy 6th Birthday, Jake!


Jennifer Evans said...

Love it! You all did a wonderful job! I should hire you guys to come here and do my kids party..LOL!

Christopher said...

This is such a great idea! For my nephew's birthday party we had a Harry Potter theme. But it didn't turn out anything like this. Congratulations on a successful party. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

McAffee said...

Lisa you are seriously so talented. We loved the trading cards and ALL the fun stuff you did to make it such a fun time.
I just browsed through more of your blog and am blown away. I'm thinking you must have extra hours in your days or something! Amazing.
Hope you are all well,

SamiraLV said...

Marie sent me the link because we are HP obsessed fans at our house too. We did a crazy HP party too. Love seeing how creative everyone gets with this theme. If you friend me on facebook, I can send you the link to our HP albums. I'm Samira Tu'Ala in Las Vegas.

SamiraLV said...

I forgot to mention that I love your Chocolate Frog and Bertie Botts candy boxes. Awesome!

Kate said...

OMGOSH!!! I'm just now seeing this - love it:-D