Thursday, March 27, 2008

All Hail, Queen of the Moon and the Stars

I just know that I must be the last person in Creative Blogland to own this, but my copy of 'Crowns & Tiaras' just came today {thank you, Scott}! What an amazing book. So much inspiration packed into every page! These women who contributed their crowns and tiaras are such amazing artists. Such a great book to look at over and over again. So, I guess I will embarrass myself and show the crowns that I have here in my studio.

My friend Andrea and I decided that we both needed to make a crown for ourselves a few years ago. It's just something every girl should have. Her's ended up being a part of her published article in Portals Zine {July 2005; Issue 5}. It turned out beautiful, over the top! Check hers out here!

Then, for Halloween last year, I was Glenda the Good Witch. My friend Abby came over and helped me make this crown. I think for bad Internet pictures as our source, we represented Glenda's crown glory pretty well! The glitter tarnished nicely just since October, I think.

Well, back to work for now! I have real work and Etsy work to get done! Tah-Tah~


Scrappy Jessi said...

so fabulous!
i love them all!

Elaine Kerr said...

Your photos on flickr (and here, of course) are so beautiful, to say nothing of your art....glad to bump into you!

Lily Winthrop said...

I knew that was Glinda's crown! I'm a huge Glinda/Wicked Witch fan. I love what you've done. Incredible work!

Rubbapalooza said...

Oh Lisa. I think your crowns are just LOVELY! I especially like the tall one that has the fleur-de-lis-like tops.

Beautiful things!