Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Shop Things!

There are a few more items over at the Etsy shop today! I have been working hard in my spare time to get things made! I love making these glass creations so much! I get so giddy when they are done. I show Jake {my 2yr. old} my things when I finish them, and ask him what he thinks. He always says "Oh mommy, that is so, so beautiful!" He's my biggest fan! Man, I have him trained well for his future wife, lucky girl... Here's a quick peek of some things just added~

And here's a couple close pics~

This picture of the dragonfly shows what it looks like on a window with the light shining through, you can see the decorative wires inside, I think it adds to the uniqueness of it.

I like doing things that are different from everyone else, so when I get an idea, I will search the Internet for something similar just to be sure there isn't anything like it. So, I also decided after searching Flickr & Google for awhile the other day that there is a niche for me in the Magic Wand department!

I am loving how these turned out! They are so pretty in the sunlight, just love them.

Lastly, after I learned how to do stained glass and realized that although making windows is fun, there was nothing different and unique about it. I like the idea of 3D glass art with as many different mediums I can use. I started making these Flower Pots which I sold at craft shows. They evolved quite a bit from when I started making them {thank goodness!} and I have decided that I am going to sell the flowers themselves in the shop as well. It would be too hard to ship the whole flower pot, so just the flowers will be sold individually so that you can make your own flower pot, or put them in a vase, or whatever!! They would look SO pretty in a vase in the window reflecting sunlight!

This one is my favorite, like I said, they evolved a little bit! These hibiscus type flowers are what I am making for the shop. Here's a close-up, too.

I still have a bunch of things cut & ready to assemble, lots of pink wands, more mermaids, more dragonflies, some flowers... just waiting for that 'free time' to pop up again! Here's a look at my desk right now. All these things are waiting to get beautified and placed into the Etsy shop.

I know I often say that I like how my creations turn out, but the truth is, if I don't like it- it's still sitting in my studio somewhere to be fixed, and no one has ever seen them! Thank you for every one's awesome comments on Flickr and on my blog, it makes it worth posting!

Have a fantastic Monday :) ~Lisa


Sabii Wabii said...

I'm loving your site. The photos are geat and the prentation is too! Love the money tree and the crowns. Tried to get to the etsy shop but my computer is acting up right now...

Lily Winthrop said...

I love that star! I'm going to go check out your store.....

twinkleshabbystar said...

Ooooh I love love love your stain glass flower pots! I've NEVER seen anything like them before! Oh cant forget to mention the wand! WOW!!!! Incredible! XOXO

Little Fragments said...

Hey Lisa,
LOVE your work, blog and shop. Thanks so much for stopping by my Blog and adding a comment. TAKE CARE.