Monday, March 3, 2008

Grandma's and More

Over the weekend I went home to Ohio to visit and made a trip over to my Grandma's house. My grandma is the Queen of Craftiness, and her craft room, I mean her whole house, proves it. She has so much stuff in her craft room, she can't even work in there, she has turned the dining room into her workspace. So, she has finally (after many years of trying) let me get my hands on her craft room. I guess now that she is 91, she is ready to part with some of her stuff. Well, her room is so packed full, stuff hanging across the room- boxes stacked higher than you can imagine, that we didn't even make a dent, but here are some of my great finds:
And speaking of Grandma's, I made this banner with old pictures of my grandma's and great-grandmas on it. I made this more for me, but it seemed more appropriate to hang in my daughters room. Someday I will get around to making one with her grandmothers for her. Hope you had a wonderful weekend...

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My Crafty Little Page said...

I saw this banner on flickr and had to have a closer look - it's absolutely wonderful with all your grandmothers. The mermaids take my breath away! Nancy