Monday, February 25, 2008

I Needed This...

Don't get me wrong, I have the perfect work at home situation, that I am grateful for everyday. But every once in awhile, all the stars align to make me have a rough day! It usually has a lot to do with the 2yr old not taking a nap, the 8mo. old whining and only wanting to be held and a deadline i have to make by late afternoon! So, when my lovely hubby got home, I headed straight up here:

As I was enjoying my soak, I couldn't help but dream of my new bathroom that the before mentioned lovely is making me next to my newly re-done studio (more on that soon). It's in the pretty rough stages right now, demolition has just been finished, floor and all. This is the last room in our home that is getting some TLC and I am so excited about it! Here it is today, use your imagination on this one!
The floor:
And my walk-in shower: So, as I soak in a 4' claw foot tub that I barely fit in, I am going to sleep tonight with dreams of a jacuzzi tub dancing in my head...

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