Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The "Money Tree"

When I was little I can vaguely remember my grandmother making "Money Tree" gifts, and letting me help. I wanted to re-create my grandma's tree with my own twist. I made one for a friend when she got married a few years back and it turned out nice for a first try. {Side note: do not use hot glue on a money tree and let it sit in the car on a hot July afternoon, bad things happen} I wish I had a picture to show you, but I don't. But, here are a few I made recently.

This is a gift for a friend that had a baby girl. There is money {hence the name} tied all over the glitter filled branches. Cute gift, I think. For the medallions, I used 3" circle mirrors and zip-stripped the back off and then sanded it so that you could see through in the middle but the edges are still mirrored.
This is just a little something that I made for fall last year. It reads "Autumn Greetings".

Man, I wish my picture taking skills were better, because this one is my favorite and it didn't come out great in these pictures. I love decorating for Halloween!

And lastly, this is a gift I made for my future sister-in-law for Christmas. She loves getting lottery tickets and I loved not having to just give her money! I paper-clipped lottery tickets all over the branches & it turned out great. I used poinsettias and glitter and lots of Christmas things that I got on super clearance at Pat Catan's. If you don't have a Pat Catan's craft store near you, find one when you get a chance!! Again, not a great picture, but this pic from a cell phone was all I could get!

I was so excited thinking I could sell these, BUT... how in the world would I ship them?? So, they became gifts or just mine, sitting in my studio. I am thinking I might do a local craft show close to Christmas time, but we'll see...December is a long way away!


Khris said...

I love those money trees! The Halloween tree was my favorite but they're all wonderful.

twinkleshabbystar said...

Halloween is one of my FAV'S too!! I just ADORE your trees! They would make a fabulous gift!!! Very unique and original! :))

Andrea Singarella said...

You are very busy, my friend! They all turned out so cute! Your mirror medallion technique is cool. You'll have to show me how you do that one of these days if we ever get together to play!

Rubbapalooza said...

Oh, I'm LOVING your blog! I'm glad Andrea posted your link to her site.

You have so many fabulous ideas.

What does "zip-stripped" mean in relation to the backing of the mirror?

Thanks for the inspiration.