Thursday, April 3, 2008

Excited About Upcoming Things...

There are a couple things coming up that I am so excited for! First of all, as soon as the weather is consistently over 35 degrees for 3 days, the painters are going to start painting our house!! I can not express enough how excited I am that this is happening and Scott is not the one doing it. We have a 100 year old home here in Pittsburgh that is 3 stories high and has tons of woodwork, dental molding and decorative trim. It's a very pretty house, but the trim does not currently have the most flattering colors, the main color of the trim is painted purple. Not even a pretty purple, just bad purple. So, here are the 3 new colors for the trim that I picked out. The Arresting Auburn color will cover the purple nicely!

Everyone laughs when I tell them that I picked the colors from our local McDonalds, but it's no lie. I was waiting in the drive thru line during lunch hour and noticed the colors on the outside of the building. I loved them! At the time, I worked as an assistant for an Interior Designer- so I went right back to work and called McDonalds Corporate Headquarters, hunted down the maintenance department and spoke to the man responsible for painting Pittsburgh area stores and he happily gave me the paint colors. I called up Sherwin Williams and here I am, matching McDonalds! Here's our home now, and I will be sure to post an after picture {hopefully in a few weeks!!}

Another thing I simply can't wait for is the Art and Soul retreat in Hampton, VA at the beginning of May. Andrea and I are headed there to take a Sally Jean class: The Girls Got Gothic! I am so excited. I have to start setting things aside to take with me!

And the last thing that I am SOOO SOOO looking forward to is my honeymoon!! Scott and I got married in my hometown in Ohio back in July 2004, and after our wedding weekend, we came right back home. We never got to go anywhere for a honeymoon- I think because of our work schedules, and then 3 months later, I was pregnant with our son. So, almost 4 years later, here we are going to Punta Cana for a nice long weekend all by ourselves at the end of May. This will be the first trip we have gone on without the kids. I am excited and nervous, but I know they will be in the hands of their grandparents who will spoil them like crazy while we are gone!

Is it May yet?????

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KhrisW said...

Your home is so pretty! Thanks for sharing.