Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just Random Things

I haven't posted in almost a week!! Wow, it just doesn't seem like the week went by so fast. I had my dear friend Shannon visiting with her son Nate for most of the week, maybe that is why time flew by. We had a very nice visit and like always, I was so sad they had to go. Nate is only one month older than Zoey so they had a great time taking toys away from each other!

I don't have many recent creations to talk about since Shannon was here all week, I didn't make anything new and since I didn't work a whole lot while she was here, I pretty much worked all day yesterday and a little today. What I do have to show you is this necklace that I made for my sweet friend, Abby! I fashioned it after the one bought on Etsy awhile ago, since I liked it so much. I blogged about it here. She loved it, and has requested earrings to match!! I'll get right on that, friend!

I also have been trying to figure out how the heck I should store/display this huge box of scrap trim I got when I was rummaging through my grandmas craft room a while back. I found this skeleton key hanger on a craft store outing and thought maybe I could just drape a bunch of trim over the hooks {color coated, of course}. I still have to hang this up before I decide if that is what I want to use it for, but I haven't decided where yet. I liked the painting technique on this.

That's all the random trim that needs a home outside it's current huggies diaper box!

Well, I just finished up a little work for the day and I think it is high time to fire up the ole soldering iron and get these things I have started done! I want to be able to post a bunch of new things before I head out to the Art and Soul retreat!

I just threw that picture in because I thought these rhinestones were so pretty!

Hope you had a great weekend! ~Lisa

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