Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Me & My Little Artist

So, I still haven't finished my swap tags for Art & Soul. I still have like 3 days though, right? HA. I guess it's a good thing that I work best under pressure and multi-tasking at the last darn minute! You would think that I could at least stay focused long enough to work on something that I NEED to have done, but no. Instead of finishing my tags, I made this!

I like using glass with other materials that make it dimensional. I just noticed as I was uploading the pictures that the little girl I used has a foot showing! AGH! I'll cover that up. I haven't decided if I am going to keep this or put it on Etsy yet. It didn't take long to make & I have ideas for a few more, so maybe I'll whip up some more in between laundry, dishes, work OH- and those darn swap tags!!!
And now, my little artist, Jake. I like to think he takes after me. He is always at my side when I am making something. His tiny little chair right next to mine so he doesn't miss a thing. Always right there, he is. It drives me nuts when I am trying to get something done, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. This boy is definitely my biggest fan. I adore him so much. He has quite a personality. VERY strong willed, I like to think he gets that from his dad. He has several notebooks laying around the house that he is always drawing in. At the moment, he has had markers, pens and chalk all taken away for, um, how should I say it.... using his artistic abilities on mediums that were not meant to be artistic mediums {pillows, coffee table, sofa, his fingernails, the stairs, Zoey...you get it}. So, I guess I am limiting his creativity to crayons {washable crayons} at the moment, but he's ok. Really.

Don't you love his painting shirt??
The artist showcase:

I have so many things he has painted & drawn saved already. I guess since he is only 2 and a half I might have to start letting some of it go or I might have quite a collection by the time he hits grade school!!

Off to get some stuff done! Have a great day ~ Lisa


KhrisW said...

Those mermaids are gorgeous!!!! What a vision! I love them.

Little Fragments said...

This is a lovely piece. I truly adore all your art, everything is so creative! Your little man is a button- by the way. :) Take Care.