Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Back from Art & Soul!

I got back home Monday afternoon, but haven't had time to post til today! It's crazy how much I work I have to catch up on just missing a couple days! Oh well, have it all under control and am finally ready to share my pictures of my 'The Girls Got Gothic' necklace! Sally Jean's class was great! Andrea and I actually had almost 9 hours straight of uninterrupted creating! We even worked through lunch and stayed a little later, but we BOTH finished!! Here are some pictures of what I made:

The picture I used for the Gothic arch is a picture of one of the stained glass windows in our house. This is the back of the Gothic arch:

I found the brass angel wings at Vendor Night and loved how they looked on the main piece after I covered them with solder.

This was such a nice weekend, I have never been on an art retreat before and Andrea & I both agree that we need to do this more often {our husbands think it's a good idea, too}!

Sally was a great instructor. I already know how to do soldering, but just watching her with her collage techniques was a lot of fun. She makes it all look so easy. I 'think' about it way too much and she just 'does' it. Check out her website if you haven't, she does amazing work. I'm so glad I got into her class this year and hopefully can do a two day "Tiara" workshop next year!

I also realized after this weekend that I need an apron, too! I ruin so many shirts & jeans with glue & paint, and have actually NEVER thought about an apron! I am on the hunt-

Here is a picture of Andrea & I with out necklaces on after our class. Excuse our hair, make-up & bags under our eyes, it was a busy weekend!

Have a great day~ Lisa


kennedy & friends said...

lovely work! i hope you had fun! yes aprons are the best to keep clothes from getting ruined!

Little Fragments said...

Hey Lisa-
Your necklace is LOVELY. I have to agree about the apron. I have a few in my studio. Sometimes I just come from home work and rather then change into scrubby clothes to work in I just throw on my apron and have at it! :) I am so glad that you and Andrea had such a wonderful weekend. I plan to attend next years Art and Soul. Hope to see you there! :) Take Care.

Little Miss Crafty said...

I adore that necklace !