Thursday, May 8, 2008

Clothes for the Princess...

I LOVE so much that I have a daughter to dress in pretty things! Now, for those of you that know me, you for sure know that I am not that girly. No lace, no ruffles, and not too much pink. I am totally a blue/green/purple kind of girl! But, my daughter just looks so darn cute in pink, how can I resist not putting her in it? I can't really sew well. I am going to learn. One of these days. Here she is in a dress I made. Notice how remedial it is with all the seams sewn so they fray. Good thing I like that look!! The buttons & ribbon were fun.

Trust me when I say that I inherited ALL of my creativeness from both of my lovely grandmas and my awesome mama! I have many, many memories growing up of each one of them making something. My mom has always knitted, crocheted and sewn as long as I can remember. She even used to make my sister and I identical outfits for special occasions {I'll find the Easter dress picture & post it later, mom!} But, here is a sweater that she knitted for Zoey. We found the pattern at a local knitting store, you can find it here.

Sorry, mom, that is the best picture I could get! She doesn't hold still very long, this girl!

And finally, I did a swap a few weeks ago with the sweet Nathalie of Kennedy & Friends Co., man, does she make the cutest darn tutu's I have ever seen! Zoey's room is lavender with black furniture, so I ordered a wrought iron dress form to display her tutu when she isn't playing with it. So, So adorable it is, check her out!! Nathalie also has a great blog, lots of great kids clothing ideas happening over there!

So, that's all for now, I am heading out for the weekend {again}. This time I have the kids in tow and hubby gets the weekend to work on my bathroom! Have a great day, Lisa


KhrisW said...

OMG! I love that tutu! If I'd had a girl, that's all she'd wear, tutus and glitter shoes. I saw a little girl wearing silver shoes much like Dorothy's and loved them. Anyway, I'm happy with my boys but I do appreciate the little girl duds. I loved those shoes with the outfit you made, perfect! Wow. What can't you do?

Melanie S said...

Super sweet pink and brown dress. You did a lovely job. Always an inspiration.