Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am SO Spoiled...

What a great Mothers Day weekend I had! It started off on Thursday when Jake, Zoey & I headed back to Akron to visit my family. One of my best friends and I got to go get coffee and thrift store shopping {without the kids!} on Friday and that was followed up by a big cookout at my moms house. Only one of my brothers couldn't make it, so there were what, like 18 of us? Something like that. Then Saturday, my sister and I headed to the Flea Market...then I went to a baby shower for another friend, then got to play with my momma a bit & we took the kids to my grandmas and to my brothers for a visit. Then some pizza from the ole' stomping grounds, then I made a couple little gifts...

Sunday, we got up early and headed back home for my mother-in-law and Scott's grandparents to visit! They drove over for the day to spend it with us, and we had such a wonderful day! Too bad the weather sucked... Here are some of the goodies involved in this weekend!

You have to LOVE it when you send your husband an email with a link and all I say is "I want this" and this is what I get!! Thank you honey, I love it SO SO SO much!!! This beauty is what he bought me along with flowers all over the house! He bought it over at Krisin Hubick's site Retro Cafe Art. Love her stuff, very inspirational. So inspirational, in fact, that I needed to try this. I made this necklace for my mother-in-law.

The stones are the birthstones of her 5 grandchildren. She loved it, and I loved making her something that I knew she really appreciated. While I was at it, I made one {another one} for myself because 1.) a girl can NEVER have too many necklaces- and 2.) I just wanted to try it again! This is a pin that Andrea gave to me and I love it as a pendant!

Here is a beautiful pink hydrangea that Scott's mom brought for me. Honestly, I watered it right after I took this picture!! I don't have the greenest thumb {I get that from my mom!} We will plant that out front as soon as those painters are done!

And how about this as a fantastic surprise!!! I work for my brother-in-law, Wayne and Scott's cousin, Josh- and those two sent me this amazing Edible Arrangement for mothers day. Let me tell you that I have never gotten anything like this before, and I just LOVE it! Great job, guys {I mean Wayne, I know it was all you}!! Check it out!

Here's a close up of those chocolate dipped strawberries!

So, that about bring this Mothers Day post to an end, but not without saying that you didn't see any pictures of what my mom got me, or what I got her and that is because we didn't get each other any gifts. We usually don't. My mom is my greatest friend, my stress reliever, my confidence booster, my advice giver, my shoulder to cry on, she is my everything. She is the person I love so much and strive to be like. She is my best friend, my worse critic {yes, you are}, she is my rock. Being able to spend time with each other is our gift to each other, and it's the best gift of all. Happy Mother's Day, mom. I love you.

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