Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No Juices Flowing... {EDITED}

Creative juices, that is. Well, maybe a little. I haven't been up in my studio doing anything fun the past couple weeks, just normal work. Which is why I haven't posted in the past couple weeks. Sometimes I guess I just have nothing to say! I am sure everyone feels the same way at times, maybe everyone but my husband. I think he feels like I always have something to say!

I have a couple little projects that I wanted to share. Lately I have been very into the architectural details in my home. The ones I love and the ones that are lacking. When we moved into our house {it was a foreclosure} it was a big mess!! Here is a picture of what our living room looked like when we walked through our house.

The shelves are a nice feature, but to me- these definitely looked like they were just thrown up. I have always wanted them taken down, because I felt like they were clutter magnets. But, instead of taking them down I decided to make them fit more into the era of our home, to make them look more like built-in bookcases that would have been built long ago. Here's what Scott & I did to them last week.
Some paint, some arches, some wood appliques and I LOVE it!! I still have to paint the actual shelves, but I ran out of paint. I'll be sure to post the final pic when they are all filled with clutter again!!

Second home project of the week is this:
This is a rough drawing of what I had envisioned over the exposed brick in the kitchen.This is what my brick above my stove looked like when we first saw the house. Wow. Can you believe that people could let something get this bad??? We were amazed at some of the things that were in this place!
Here it is all cleaned up after we moved in.
My dad and I made a faux range hood last week and it is waiting to be assembled. Here is the inspiration picture. It was from an article in Home & Design Magazine, you can see it and the rest of this amazing home here!

Here are the pieces & parts. I can't wait to search TJ Maxx and Marshalls for the perfect iron panel to go on the top! SO FUN!! My wonderful husband would have had this all assembled and up on the brick by now, but I made him switch our family room and dining room instead. I love the switch. It works for me, right now.

I'll be sure to post the finish product soon!!!

Have a great Tuesday~ Lisa

{EDIT} Just to clarify, the beautiful finished kitchen in the picture is NOT my kitchen.  It's the inspiration picture from a magazine.  My sister called to let me know that since I had the descriptions below {instead of above} the pictures, that it looked like that was our finished project!  I wish it were, but no.  I am sorry for any confusion and have fixed the post!  


Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Wow!!! Your before and after after pictures are stunning! You home looks absolutely gorgeous! I've got some major kitchen envy going on!!! :)

Melanie Schulenberg said...

What do you mean no juices flowing? Looking at what you're remodeling I say they're flowing quite well. The bookshelves look great, and the faux wall over the brick...now THAT is creative.

I'll be looking forward to the completed project photos.