Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jewels of the Sea Pendant Swap!!

I received my package from the lovely Heather at Speckled-Egg for the Jewels of the Sea pendant swap this morning!! I was SO excited to open it to find so many beautiful goodies! Swaps are fun! This was my first one, and a pretty good experience. I sure hope that the ladies that received my pendants love them as much as I love mine! Here are some pictures:

First, I was lucky enough to be one of the 6 gals that received one of Heather's beautiful pendants! This is SO pretty, the chandelier crystal makes it sparkle so nice!! Thank you, Heather!

This beauty is a small glass vial, corked & wax sealed with aqua glitter and small sea shells inside. Also attached is a mermaid tag all on my favorite sea inspired colors of yarn & ribbon! This pendant was made by Kim of Art Dogs Life. Thanks, Kim, SO, SO adorable!

This gorgeous pendant was made by Tiffany of Aleah's Treasures. It has sea glass, copper, glass and pearl beads and a metal stamped 'SEA' message. Very pretty! Thanks, Tiffany!

Here is a sweet little goose soldered to a sea shell with a pearl and the words "May be free in Soul'. Very pretty pendant with a beautiful tag, too!! Thanks to Kim of Running on Ink!

Next up is this beauty ~ it's an old pocket watch that was gutted out & replaced with a pretty lady and a sea shell. Just look at this presentation!!! Awesome! Thank you Stephanie of Doojies!

"The Queen of Beaches", man, I wish that was me! This pretty pendant was made by Connie {I don't think she has a blog to link to}, and it is so petite and pretty! Thank you, Connie!!

And lastly, here is the little gift from Heather for us participating. It was really a lot of fun and has inspired me to maybe join in another swap or 2 sometime. I haven't always heard very many good things about swaps, but this experience has made me a believer!! Thank you Heather, it was a blast!!

Sorry about the pictures all having a bad green over-cast, we left our camera battery charger in VA Beach and I had to use Jakes camera!! He was mad at me for using it, too. I had to delete my pictures as soon as I was done... Have a great Wednesday ~ Lisa

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Rowan Willow said...

Ahh Thank you Lisa, I'm so glad you like it. And that's fabulous you are wearing it already. FYI: copper can sometimes turn certain people green (me being one of those people), you can put an end to that by painting a coat of clear nail polish on more green goblin neck, ears, wrist, finger where ever you are exposed to copper, just thought I'd share that *ask Heloise* tip.

I thought your pendants were very pretty, but I didn't get one :0(

And I Love all your beautiful glasswork and your studio...oooh to die for...I will have my own studio space in 8-10 years when a second chickie leaves the nest :0)

And while I'm gushing...I love you logo and colors simply amazing!

Take care
Rowan WIllow
aka Tiffany