Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I guess that turning 35 is bothering me a little. Maybe it's because I remember my mom at 35 and it seemed that she was so much more of a super-mom. She seemed to have a much better handle on it all with 5 of her 6 children born, and I haven't quite figured it out yet with just 2. So, that is what I am going to work on this year. Being a better mom, wife, friend, co-worker, sister, daughter and all the other things that I am. I am going to be better at playing with the kids, better at cleaning the house, better at my job, a better everything. I am going to try. Maybe I'll even find some 'me' time in there somewhere.... so, Happy Birthday to me.

In other news, I started working on a little autumn purse for my sister to tote around this fall. This will be the front panel of the purse. Since I have never made a purse, this might be interesting getting it from this to something assembled {and usable}. I do have some old patterns I bought on Ebay awhile ago. Maybe I'll drag those out, but I don't even know how to read a pattern!

Here is the purse I started for myself. I am always on the search for the perfect purse. Maybe I just need to try to make one. HA! I'll post some pictures if I ever figure it out! Cute little dragonfly! Maybe he needs some beads for eyes...I think so!!!

We had a little family craft night last night. I bought these little wooden masks at JoAnn's and got out the poster paints and had fun! Now that they are all dry, Jake will put them in our 'garden'. That's what he calls the flower bed out front. Here's Jake modeling them.
Jake's Franklin-stein {too much Noggin} and Spooky Cat:

Daddy's Skeleton:

My Witch:

Grammy's Bat:
Yes, he is in his underpants. I had to take his paint clothes to pre-school, so now he must paint in his underpants. He's ok with it, so I am too!

And, if you have read this far, thanks for listening to me ramble! Have a great Wednesday! ~Lisa

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