Monday, September 28, 2009

Fabric Banners

Over the weekend, my parents visited and my mom helped me make some fabric banners.  There were 2 that were gifts for her friend, and then a couple Halloween banners as well. 

We managed to have enough materials laying around to come up with 6 Halloween banners, but only got 2 made.  I have the materials set aside for 2 more large banners and 2 smaller banners that I will finish up and list on ETSY this week. 

I love making custom things, so if you or someone you know would like a custom banner, please email me!

Each pennant on the larger banners measures 12" long and 10-1/2" wide at the top.  The smaller pennants each measure 9" long and 8" wide at the top.  Length, of course, depends on how many letters you want!

Here are some banners that I have made in the past, thought I would re-post them here!

This is in Zoey's room across her windows.  It's her great and great-great grandmothers as Fairies and Princesses. 

This is the one that spans across Jake's windows.  Now, if we could just decide on a name, I could make another one for the nursery! 

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