Monday, October 26, 2009

Since Everyone Else Is Doing It...

I thought I would give a try to the 'Family Rules' that seem to be floating all around blog land!  I saw a post awhile back on The Pleated Poppy and thought it was a cute idea, and now it seems like everyone is making one, so I have given in to peer pressure!  Since I have limited (if you can believe it) supplies for scrapbooking things, I did mine digitally (in PhotoShop).  I decided that if I liked it enough, I would have it printed on 24"x30" canvas and hang it up.  Turns out I like it pretty well! 

If you can't read it, here is a list of what I deemed our Family Rules, but I will admit I stole most of them:

* Have Fun, Be Kind
* Always Tell The Truth
* Be Creative At All Times
* Husband- Hug Your Wife Daily
* Wife- Always Be On His Side
* Never Leave Angry
* Clean Up After Yourself
* Forgiveness Is Mandatory
* Encourage Your Brothers And Sisters (positive encouragement only, please)
* Keep Your Promises
* Share Everything Except Bad Ideas
* Sing Silly, Dance Crazy, Hug Often, Smile
* Keep Your Promises, Do Your Best (I know...already on there, I am fixing that before I print it)
* Use Your Manners, Practice Forgiveness
* Always Say I Love You

Hope you are having a great Monday!


lindsey said...

that looks amazing! i wish i had the talent to do things digitally like that - so great!

Dee Dee said...

Very sweet idea. Love the colors you chose.

Post Imperfect said...

Hi - I found your site through the link you left on Lindsey's site. I'm VERY new to digital scrap-booking (I'm not even a novice yet - all I've done is found some websites that discuss it). Can you please tell me how you created the file?
Thanks so much. Cate