Monday, June 16, 2008

$46 and Thunderstorms...

That's what I got at the craft show on Saturday, $46 and all this rain. It was beautiful weather in the morning, from about 8-11am and then around 11 it started raining & thundering. There was only an hour the whole afternoon I sat at the show that it didn't rain. I did skip out early, unfortunatly, my table cloth was soaking wet on the ends from the tent drippings and starting closing in on getting all my things wet. I managed to sell 4 things with practically no one in attendance but a bunch of kids running in the rain. There were about 20 tables that sat empty that no one even showed up for, too- so I am glad that I wasn't one of them.

I do have lots of stained glass flowers that I am going to list in the SHOP, and maybe some of the charms and the cake boxes. I am not listing the pendants for reasons that I explained HERE, but if there is family or friends that want one, just let me know, I have a picture I can email of them all so you can pick what you want. Here are some pictures of the flowers. I have to have Scott cut some wood for bases before I list them online, they are top heavy from the glass. He'll do it soon, I am sure. He's so good about helping me with things like that!

I'll leave you with pictures of what my studio looked like after this past week trying to prepare for the show I was only at for 3 hours to sell 4 things...

Even the FLOOR is overflowing with things that need a home!

Such randomness, I know...

This is the square foot of space I had open to do any type of work in for the past few weeks.

Good thing I have all that space on my sewing table to sew! Do you see my sewing machine, I promise, it's there somewhere!!

That's all for now- i MUST go retain some order in this room. ~Lisa

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