Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is It Almost Spring?

Last I checked it was Halloween time.  On my blog, anyway!  I am re-capping all the fun and (sometimes) creative things I have done since October.  There is a lot of randomness, so beware :)

Let's start with Halloween!  Every year my brother has a big Halloween party.  He picks a theme and goes ALL OUT.  For real, he transforms the whole front yard to match the theme.  This past Halloween was 'Evil Carnival'.  My brothers made carnival tents and games for the trick-or-treaters to play in. 

I made the light up sign and my costume (evil cotton candy).

Iron Man, twice as tough!
Tinkerbell can't keep from jumping, twirling & dancing...all. the. time.
Renee as Evil Popcorn and Kyle made his Beetlejuice costume!
That is my mom as the Grim Reaper in the background...

After Halloween, I made this nursing cover for a friend of my sister:

I think it turned out cute!

We had our first 'My Own Haircut' experience.  He had actually just meant to fix a few hairs that were sticking up.  In his defense, I did tell him to go upstairs and 'take care of it'.  Scissors were his solution.

I made this apron for my sweetie pie niece who loves orange, yellow & elephants!

Stained glass angels for a sweet friend to give as a gift!

Preparations for the Holiday Gift Show were well underway in October and November.  The show was the first weekend in December and it went very well.  We had a great turn out of people and my mom, my sister and my niece all came to help out.  It was a great fun time and I can't wait to host the next one. 

Check out the pictures and the booths from the amazing artists that joined me: 

Mermaid dolls by me
Stained Glass Suncatchers by me
More suncatchers by me
My Booth
Reena and Sarah, necklaces & crayon rolls

Silk Scarves by Susan Lee

Jewelry by Morgan Kraybill

Fiber Jewelry by Annika O'Malley

Ceramics by Jeff Guerrero

Aromatherapy pillows and prints from original watercolors by Mavis Logan
Candles and sweets by Linda Rorabaugh

Yummy snacks and hot coffee!
Thank you to everyone who participated in, attended, and helped out to make the gift show a big success this year. 

Moving on, we had a wonderful Christmas and New Years spent with our families!

Then...our baby turned ONE!  How is it possible that a year flew by so fast?

Love this amazing little girl so much!

Moving on to February brought a BIG side job that took lots of time, but turned out really well.  When I have photos of the finished project, I will share them!

Valentine's Day pins for teachers and pins for the girls' hair....

Cupcake pincushion for my sister...

Custom order Mardi Gras Dragonfly...

Peacock embroidery just because...

Eerie sky...just because

Well, for now this is all I have to post.  The baby is up from her nap & I have to get some laundry done.  As I look around, there are a bunch of crafty things I need to photograph, finish, start, etc... but for now, I am going to cuddle with a crazy little one year old as long as she'll let me!


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