Friday, August 3, 2012

DIY Headboard

I am going to show you in a few words & pictures how i turned this plain old hollow door into a beautiful king size headboard for ONLY $30!!

Go to your local salvage yard or re-use store and find a nice door.  Ours is Construction Junction
This hollow door was $5.

I bought this iron piece at a TJMaxx type store called CWPrice.  It was $14.99.  You could probably paint something if you can't find something you like.

The trim I picked up at Home Depot.  It was $2.99 a piece, and I got three pieces.

You will want to lay the trim out to see how far from the edges you want it and still have the iron center look good.  Measure all around and make pencil marks on the door.  Mine were 5.5" from the top and sides and 8.5" from the bottom (because of the door knob hole).

Paint your first color from the edge to the pencil marks.

Paint the second color inside.

I added wood glue then attached my trim that I painted and cut to size.

I drilled holes to loop wire through to hold my iron piece in place. Each end and in the center.

Found some more trim in the basement, painted, cut and used the nail gun to nail it in place.  This went on the outer edge to frame the door and cover up the hinge cut-outs.

Attached the iron.

Then my lovely husband help me hang it on the wall!
We just screwed it directly to the wall, but if you wanted to attach it to a bed frame you could easily attach a 2x4 to each side (in the back) and attach it to your frame.

Cost Breakdown, after tax:
Door $5.35
Trim $9.59
Iron $16.04

TOTAL: $30.98 
Want to see a sneak peek of my bathroom?? 

My amazing friend, Abby is helping (alot!) paint the bathroom all Ocean like.

This is a quilt I am working on, too.  Maybe I can finish something soon...
Also, the the master bathroom is *almost* finished!

Stay tuned...


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Beautiful job sister!! Love you :)

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Very very Beautiful job!!!

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lovely! i'am new follower,i waiting you on my blog ;)


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it is really beautifull! i envy you :)

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