Monday, March 18, 2013

Preparing For Another Show!

Well, I am preparing to do another show.  Outside of my own shows at the house during the Christmas Holidays, I haven't done an actual real show since about 2004.  I have done a couple outdoor festivals which are fun, but this is a real indoor event!  So, I am busy crafting away in my studio every night after everyone is sound asleep.  Here's a couple sneak peeks of some of the things I am working on!  First, I have something special in mind for these!

This little lady has been quite busy.  She's getting a hefty workout!
Some felt stars for wands, pre-glittering.

Some more Owl Softies, 'cause they are adorable!  Still need stuffed. 

A stack of super hero and princess masks to finish up.

Some lovely purses that may or may not end up at the show- depends on how well I stick to my schedule :)

I might get a little crazy and do something fun with these.  At least to get them out of my way!

These Owl Totes are all done, they turned out very cute!

Haven't started on the glass things yet, but have ideas laying all over the place.  Necklaces, Dragonflies, Birdies, etc...

Tooth Pillows, all finished up!

The show is April 20th at Bakery Square for you local folk.  I have written up a very tight schedule for myself to get everything done that I want.  I am doing ok so far, still on task for this week (although it's only the first day of the week...)!


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Cool :-)

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