Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Doll Beds

These are the 18" doll beds I currently have available. They are all made by me out of recycled end tables. Each one is different and they all include a handmade quilt and coordinating pillow and a mattress. Please email me at lisa{at}onestaraway{dot}com for more information or to see them.
This is the only DOG bed available. It comes with a removable fleece cover so you can toss it in the wash. It measures 24" x 16" and is 16" high.
This hot pink bed measures 26" x 21" and is 20" high.
This light blue bed measures 26" x 21" and is 20" high.
This aqua bunk bed is 25" x 15" and is 26" high.  Includes 2 pillows, 2 quilts, 2 mattresses and a ladder. 
This green bed measures 27" x 22" and is 23" high.

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Jacqueline Lis said...

Do you ship to Portugal? Im in love, perfect gift for my little sister!!