Thursday, February 21, 2008

Look What I Found!

This past weekend my sister was visiting and we went to some antique stores. There were several stores in a 5 mile strip not too far from my house, but we only made it to three of them! Time got the best of us, I guess. I have been on a mad search for old vintage jewelry. For what, you ask? For Party Hats, I say. But not the same old paper mache party hats, I tell you...Glass ones! Yep, you heard right- glass! Now, try hard to imagine a 2D party hat (to hang on the wall) leaded and decorated with trims, jewels and other pretties. What a fun, fun different gift. These will be in my Etsy store, along with other fun things. I am hoping that I can have enough pretties made to open the shop on April 1st. That is my target date right now. So, until next time, here's some jewels I got on my outing and a sneek peek to the Glass Party Hats!!


Andrea Singarella said...

um, I love those jewels! and the hats too!

DeBRiNa PRaTT said...

GLASS party hats!!! (((((APPLAUSE))))) A fabulous idea!!! Thanks for the peek!