Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Really Need To Focus...

I was really hoping that I would have a bunch of craft updates and tons of great pictures to post, but...nope. I do have some things I have created in the past week, just a few. I haven't gotten any stained glass projects from my 'to do' list done yet for the craft show. For some reason, I can't get motivated to do them. Hopefully I get over that really soon. Scott is leaving in a few days and I will probably get some done then. I find that I would rather be downstairs in the living room hanging out with him after the kids go to bed, but if he is gone, I am usually in my studio til all hours of the night. So, here's hoping for that. The craft show I am doing is Saturday. YIKES! I kind of hope it rains. Is that bad?

So, Renee had a bridal shower to go to the other day for one of her dear childhood friends and decided that she was going to make a gift cake. She has made a few in the past that turned out so, so cute! You can see the one she made Maggie here. Very cute, indeed! I made some gift cakes in the past and searched high & low for some pictures {had to get out the old back-up hard drive!} and this was the only one I could find. It was for my very good friend, Dani Jo's baby shower a couple years ago. Each layer was filled with little gifts!! So fun to make & she loved it!

So, that got me thinking that I had a bunch of those little paper mache boxes laying around {because, who doesn't, right??} and that it would be a good use of table space to use up at the craft show to make little tiny cakes. I guess you could put gift cards or jewelry in them. They turned out ok.

I also made a money tree like my other ones with a Graduation theme. I figured maybe someone at the craft show might be on their way to a graduation party & may still need a gift! And again, looking to fill that table space!

Here are a bunch of alphabet charms waiting to be cut, foiled & soldered. I have 2x2 bevels that I am going to put them in. Hopefully I won't run out of unleaded solder, cause there isn't anywhere around that sells it and it's too late to order some now! Oh, Lisa...way to think ahead.

I did manage to squeeze in one stained glass flower. I don't really like it. I can't believe that I am putting it on my blog, because I usually don't show anyone the things I make that I don't like. I am definitely going to tear it apart & redo it. I have it all in my head how I want it to look & this is not what I was imagining. The next one I will love. Maybe I'll be motivated to do that...maybe tomorrow...maybe.

OH- and one last thing... a little sneak peek of my charms for the Jewels of the Sea swap!! At least I know that these will be ready on time! They aren't done, there are a bunch more things I want to add, but it appears I am running out of room. We'll see what else I can squeeze on there before it's a big gawdy mess!

That's all for now, hope you have a great Tuesday! ~Lisa


Little Miss Crafty said...

Those pictures are great thanks for your lovely comment on my blog... keep watching more birds to be added this weekend... those cakes are great !

SweetBellaBug said...

just found your blog from Heather's blog - Speckled-Egg - and you do amazing work! I just love the flower in this post! But I know how you feel when you make something and it's not what you had in your head.