Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Saw Red...

Over at the lovely Sadie Olive's Blog, she is hosting an "I Saw Red" challenge. I was invited to join in the fun, so here goes! I am going to post all my pics today, here and on Flickr, rather than a few at a time, because if you have read this blog before, then you know I am a BS {blog slacker} and would probably miss the deadline if I just didn't do it all now!

As I was thinking about what to post here, I quickly realized that while I don't dislike the color red, there is a major lack of it in my house! Other than the kids toys, there isn't much red around. Except...for Jake's room. His room is decorated in all things firefighter, and most everything he inherited from his Pappy, Scott's dad. His Pappy passed away almost 2 years ago now and was a retired firefighter with the Altoona Fire Department. Along with being a loving grandfather, a fantastic father and father-in-law, a trinket master and an all around great guy & jack-of-all-trades, Jim was always very proud of his fire fighter service. Jake was just 10 months old when his Pappy passed away, but talks about him all the time like he lives next door! I think he understands that he can't see him anymore, but still talks about him and to him all the time. He told me the other day that he wanted to be a fireman when he grew up, like Pappy. I think that's sweet. So, here are some RED pictures, all fireman related, all in Jake's bedroom!
Here is a banner I made for his windows. Very cute, vintage feel fabric!

Now, what future firefighter can go without a firetruck bed?

And this is a big sticker from his friend Mario, they both love that curious little monkey!

This was Pappy's kite. He took it with us every year to our family vacation to the beach!

This is a painting that Jake did last year at the Children's Museum. He said it's a dinosaur.

This is a puppet {that looks kind of like Pappy} from Aunt Renee and a hose nozzle and fire helmet, courtesy of the Altoona Fire Department!

Here is a photo I made for Jake of him & his Pappy. He was so happy & proud to take us on a tour of the station! It reads "A Grandfather is someone with silver in his hair...and gold in his heart".

This is a very special wooden fire truck that Pappy's brother, Fred, made for Jake. It sits on this shelf along with boots, Pappy's Captain hat and an old fire alarm.

Well, that about wraps up the red I have in my home. But, I think that what we do have is very special and beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to play in the challenge!




Love your reds!

~ Gabriela ~

chatelaine said...

I was just checking out your photos for the Seeing Red event.
I too don't have much red in my life. You have a great blog. I love the necklace with the gothic arch.