Monday, October 5, 2009

I Just Can't Stop Myself!

I have made 5 purses/totes in the past 6 days!  I just can't stop.  I so love my sewing machine and the poor thing has had collected dust all summer, but I am now making up for it.  I just finished up this 'Raggy Quilt Purse' yesterday and I am loving how it turned out.  I think I will use this as a diaper bag for awhile. 

I found the free pattern at Up the Rainbow Creek.  She has a great blog, check it out if you want to make raggy quilt anything!  Her directions were very easy to follow, too, they have to be for me to finish. 

Also, I think that with all the purses being made, Jake is feeling left out.  He asked me to make him a bag for his books and toys, so while reading my normal blogs this morning, I saw this free pattern on Cluck Cluck Sew.   Love her blog, read it all the time!

So, now I think I need to make some Trick-or-Treat bags like she did!  I do need to take a break from purses soon, I am going to tackle a crib bumper for the new baby's room next! 
Have a great Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Very cute! Making Kellen and Brianna one too? ;) Love and MISS you!!