Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Ready for 6!

We have a HUGE Harry Potter fan at our house.  I know, jumping on the band wagon a bit late, but Jake just started taking interest.  He has seen the first 2 movies and he can't get enough Legos.  He is also turning 6 next week and asked for a Harry Potter birthday party.  Now, if you know me you know that I LOVE to prepare for parties.  I seriously missed my calling as a set designer or party planner or something.  Here's a little sneak peek at the Harry Potter things happening at my house!

Freshly painted brick wall for Platform 9 3/4.  This will cover the front doors and the kids will run through a slit cut up the middle.

9 3/4 Platform sign for Hogwarts Express.  This will hang above the brick wall.  My Silhouette came is super handy for this project!!

Honeyduke's Chocolate Frogs.  These seriously took me about 6 hours to make.  I found a rough design on the box and modified it to work better.  Then I went to work searching the web to find pictures of the real ones to use on mine.  Turned out pretty well, I think.  Just don't look TOO close :)

I bought these frog molds on Ebay and I will put one in each box.

The Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans were the same way.  I actually found an Ebay site that had each side blown up pretty large and  just used those images to recreate the box in Photoshop.  I was on my own for the bottom and to close it, but that wasn't very hard at all.

At the party, each kid is going to get a wand to decorate and keep in their own Ollivanders wand box.  I have been saving pasta, cereal and other food boxes for something and this will be a good way to recycle them.  Apparently Jake wants me to add "Hogwarts" to the wand label.  They will be covered in silver gift wrap.

Making the wands for the kids to decorate out of construction paper.  4 done, 8 more to go...

Jake wants me to make a hooded robe for each of the boys.  I think I might have time, but we will see. 

Happy Birthday, little man.  I sure love you.  I will be sure to post more pictures after the party!


Andrea Singarella said...

You amaze me Lisa! Seriously. This is going to be so cute! And Jake will love it! Can I hire you to plan my kids' parties?

Andrea said...

I am not stalking you at all, I swear. I just found your blog and I can't tell you how excited Avi is for the party tomorrow. It looks AMAZING. Okay, I'm pretty excited, too...!